Hi everyone,

Let me start with Survey of life! This life journey has so much of surprises and miracles right! not only in India but in the whole world. have we ever thought that we will be having this kind of situation? This Corona virus has made people to think that life is full of problems and pains, and yeah it also showed that “nothing is permanent except this universe”. Between no virus can harm who has a will to survive. Be quarantined.


Golden days

There was a time we all were happy with out expecting anything to be happen, we used to cry just for a toy to buy, use to feed by mom, get to scold by dad for being mischievous one, and we were living life to the fullest with out any hesitation. By this you could got an idea! yes, I m talking about our childhood days. not only I everyone will upto do all the naughty things which were giving us pleasent cheers. But as we start growing up we will start to avoid doing every thing that gives real joy to us just by thinking ‘we are growing ups we should stop doing childish activities or what others may think of us’. And my question is who said to you think about others? Why don’t you do the things which gives you happiness?

Think of it. don’t worry about what others say to you. If you wanna smile just smile, if you wanna cry just cry do what your heart says.

“follow your heart don’t make your brain to follow others”

Lock and key

Life is a lock and we are the key. Our actions depends on lock to be opened or remain it to be closed.

Learn learn and relax!

Opportunity must be grabbed!

Calm down have patience!

Keep working on your needs!


Kick out the negativity.

Enthusiasm in life.

Yes to success.

“Lock and key both are with us. how to open? implement above mentioned points😊”.


Humans are compelled with mixed emotions of both positive and negative.A person always should think about positive feelings while the negative gives nothing in return. where as one who implement positive thinking and develop positive attitude improves his own self confidence and reduces his fear.

In life, If one has a goal there must be a strong desire to achieve the goal. Every person has a failure in his journey. ‘Once you fail never quit’ just take a deep breath! come back once again with a new start for positive outcome.

“Being a positive thinker vanishes the negative outcomes”

Eyes of life!!

‘Eyes of life’ is the title for my today’s article. I would like to connect these eyes with my parents. The mother and father these two persons play a very important role in our life journey. There is a saying that worst children may exist but not worst parents. These two hearts always wish our happiness. When they scold us we will be revolting back to them sometimes. as they only gave us a opportunity to see this beautiful world didn’t they have that much of right? but One thing must be kept in mind that whole community or whole world may stand against us, but our parents stand with us in all our difficulties.

“make your parents smile! the life will automatically make you smile”

Humanity glows!

The things had been grown worse from early ages to now by decreasing the major quality of humans that is “humanity” towards each other. Showing our humanity leads to a happy soul and also progress to be a creative personality in the world. The way to give happiness and get happiness is to be a human first with humanity.

“humans fade! Humanity glows”

Thank you

Life track

Life is a mixture of smiles, sorrow,grief,joy, sacrifice and many more and We all are gifted with a beautiful life.Here Life is always expect the unexpected. The things may go wrong when we expected it to be perfect and again vice versa.

The simple thing to tackle this life game is to stay comfortable in uncomfortable situation. “Accept the thing and move on”.

Thank you

Inspired by a sir

Sagar U.S